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Gum Shields or Mouthguards

Gum Shields or Mouthguards are very important to all sports players, as without a protective mouthguard you are at risk of serious injury to the mouth. A gum shield can help to protect against many injuries to the cheeks, gum and teeth.

Most schools and clubs now insist that both children and adults wear gumshields for their own protection. Injuries to the teeth or indeed loss of teeth can have lifelong implications.

We believe professionally made custom fit gum shields are far superior to the self-fitted mouthguards. Their enhanced fit offering the wearer the following advantages:

  • Protection :Maximum protection and impact dispersion against tooth damage
  • Comfort :Comfortable, natural and secure fit
  • Durable :Less deformation through use
  • Funky :Lots of colours and designs to chose from

"The British Dental Association says teeth damage, which could be drastically reduced with a mouthguard or gum shield, is costly in terms of both suffering and money." (source: BBC)

If you are concerned about getting your mouth or your child's mouth protected, please ask us at your next appointment.